Connex One is a cloud based, omni-channel engagement platform. Much more than just a predictive dialler, it has enhanced functionality and data analytics to give you a deeper understanding of your customers and the tools to connect with them for unparalleled results.

One platform, every customer.

Connex One


Connex One allows you to engage with your customers using voice, SMS, email, live chat and social media. Using omni-channel contact points, gathering and processing relevant data gains you more effective, successful campaigns.

Data analytics

Connex One provides a comprehensive data analytics structure to enhance future customer engagement. Armed with data-mined intelligence, agents can better understand and engage with their customers.

Predictive dialler

Predictive dialler, auto-dialler, contact centre solution, whatever you call it, the dialler has come of age. With enhanced features to get the most out of your agents and campaigns, the Connex One platform is a game-changer.

Happy agents equals better performance and spectacular results

Connex One has proven to be extremely agent-friendly with users regularly recommending our platform as their preferred choice.

Connex One omni-channel platform handles 8.5m interactions per day worldwide

The Connex One omni-channel platform enables contact centres to handle interactions across voice (integrated inbound/outbound dialler system), SMS, email, social, and live chat platforms.

Our comprehensive data analytics element helps businesses decide who to contact, what time to contact them and which channel to contact them on to maximise results.

Connex One clients spend more time interacting/communicating, generating business and improving customer service with new or existing customers.

Connex One customers have a higher rate of data penetration and see an improvement in their campaign performance, sales and customer retention.

The Connex One platform enhances your customer's engagement experiences. Click each section below to see how it's also the best solution, not only for your customers, but for your tech department, centre managers and your financial team. One system. All departments.

The ability to understand your customers is at the heart of the Connex One platform. Thanks to the easy to use agent portal, you can now successfully engage with your customers better than you ever could before.

  • Get higher live call connect success rates than ever before
  • Contact your customers on their preferred channel - truly omni!
  • Enhance your customer's experience with 'best time to interact' feature
Since we moved onto the Connex platform the customers seem happier with our communication. The system allows me to ask customers what their preferred contact method is and at which time I should contact them. I wouldn't want to work on any other system.

Keep your technical department happy knowing that Connex One is a secure and resilient, cloud-based software solution that's fully scalable.

  • Entirely cloud-based. No hardware/servers required on your site. Less I.T. headaches.
  • Resilient systems in place with multi-layered failover
  • Disaster recovery and high availability ensures 100% platform uptime
  • Fully scalable system from 3 to 30,000+ users
Connex's HA solution has ensured 100% uptime for our business since the we had the system installation 11 months ago. Before Connex we hosted all our servers onsite, now I don't have to concern myself with backups and future expansion space. I've just implemented their Disaster Recovery solution also. As a service provider they are second to none. Daniel Hewson - Head of IT, Assured Financial & Mortgages

Happier agents means better performance, better performance equals greater results. The Connex One platform takes user-friendliness to a whole new level. Happier agents also equals happier customers.

  • Simple user interface. Our Agent Portal view keeps everything in one simple, intuitive space that requires minimum training
  • Real-time visibility and control for you and your team leaders across the entire platform
  • The gamification reward system maximises leader/agent engagement and ensuring better performance
When we took a trial on Connex I thought it would be just like the other solutions I've used before. I was instantly surprised, productivity increased in the first week and we hit target every day. Since then we haven't looked back. Irshaad Mohammed - Head of Dialler Systems, Synergy International Contact Centre

The Connex One platform is extremely cost-effective. There's no capital outlay and no set up/installation costs to worry about.

  • Enterprise functionality affordable cost
  • Simple monthly rolling contracts
  • No hardware or maintenance costs
  • New customers have seen a 25% increase in sales in the first 4 weeks
  • Speaking of 4 weeks, why not test Connex One free for a month and see for yourself?
When our technical team advised their preferred solution was Connex I assumed that it would probably mean it's the most expensive option, as with technology the best things usually cost more. However Connex provided us with a 30-day free trial, there was no initial capital outlay and the system price was extremely competitive. It was difficult to say no.

Security and resilience built in

When dealing with oodles of data, hi-spec tech and sensitive information, it is paramount that you can rely on your systems and trust your provider to maintain a robust and secure platform. The integrity and security of your service and data is our top priority – along with achieving successful campaigns. It's One secure and resilient system.

Omni-channel modules

The Connex One omni-channel platform connects customers to your company over multiple channels simultaneously. Skilled operatives can operate dedicated or multiple channels based on your requirements.

The Connex One platform

One solution for unified, data-driven, omni-channel customer communication.

Your agent

Your agent

Your hardware

The Connex One platform

The network layer with the following modules

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Message routing
  • Insights and analytics
  • Script module
  • Workflow module
  • Data analytics
  • Data waterfall
  • CRM
  • API
  • Lead portal
  • QC and CSAT

All controlled through multiple ISPs, Connex carriers and the data centre

Omni-channel communication

Your agent

Your customer

The Connex One platform

One platform
many industries

  • Legal and financial services
  • Retail and commerce
  • Government and education
  • Recruitment
  • Media and telecoms
  • Travel services
  • Technology and Internet

One platform
many benefits

  • Sales generation
  • Customer services and enquiries
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Workflows and customer life cycles
  • Customer retention and renewals
  • Service and delivery
  • Business or branch communication

New customers to the Connex One platform have seen a 25% increase in sales within the first 4 weeks

One system, many happy clients

All Connex One clients benefit from our secure, cloud-based platform. Agents, technical and financial departments alike enjoy our easy to use, enterprise level yet value for money system.

Call now and see how we can make you One happy customer too.

One system, one month free

We're so confident that the Connex One platform will sit perfectly with your customer engagement that we will get you set up to enjoy and test a full month for free.

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